the doctor in the tardis with rose tyler
just as it should be

TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself! Then go to your 10 favourite blogs and tell them they're it!

lmao i keep staring at this, trying to think of 10 facts about me.

1. I’m dying to get a new computer

2. Almost every single time I hear BSB sing acapella, I cry lmao.

3. I’m about to start training to become a dog trainer.

4. Sometimes I think about my otps & get overwhelmed with feels & cry. (but this probably applies to everyone lmao)

5. Clearly, I suck at thinking up facts about me.

6. The only thing I ever drink is pretty much water. I’ll have milk when I have my morning cereal, but other than that, it’s basically only water.

7. All the ringtones on my phone are themes from tv shows. My default is the DW theme, my mom is the Fringe theme, my aunt if the GOT theme, & my besties are the Castle theme & the Buffy theme.

8. I miss Fringe more than I can even explain.

9. I enjoy exercising. I just don’t do it as often as I should cause the weather here sucks.

10. My weeks consist of looking forward for Sundays & Mondays for GOT & Castle. With an occasional Thursday thrown in for TVD, though not nearly as much as the first 2 I mentioned.

Phew, that took me longer than it should’ve lol. Also, I’m too lazy to tag sooo anyone can go ahead & do it if they want.

Anonymous said,
1. Flawless hair 2. flawless smile 3. her love eyeballs are all over a certain person 4. hence she's in love 5. gets hit on a lot by various males


"How did you find my blog?" - someone I followed, don't remember who, reblogged one of your "one doctor who gif set per episode" posts. It was right when you started it, season 1 episode 4/5 if I remember correctly.

Oh man, that was quite a while ago! Also reminds me that I need to continue with those. 

darvey said,
I don't exactly remember how I found your blog. But I remember you were on one of those people I'd been following FOREVER. I think it was when I was going through my Harry Potter phase and it was right before DHP2 came out that's probably when I followed you. I remember your description or blog said something about BSB and Buffy. Anyway, you've never really had the same fandoms as me, but I'm def never unfollowing you because your blog is so pretty!! :)

Awww you’re so sweet for continuing to follow me despite not having the same fandoms! <3

Anonymous said,
hey i was the anon on soufflegirl's blog thanks for what you said, and your absolutely right and thanks again for making me feel a bit better <3

I’m not sure if you’ll see this anon (dunno if you follow me), but many hugs to you, I know how hard this is & I really hope somehow you get to see your chinchilla again!

Anonymous   asks  
Anonymous said,
Could you give me some help?

What kind of help, anon?

Anonymous   asks  
5, 7, 25?

5. Oh man uhhhh, I guess it’d be 

7. Legit 3 way tie between Stitch, Goofy, & Mickey.

25. It’s gotta be Cinderella Castle at MK.

ucsunnydale   asks